Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What makes up a good landscaping in Arizona?

Landscaping is any alteration to the land. It can be through a variety of means such as using flowers, bushes, trees, cactus, grass, stones, boulders, and curbing. Landscaping is designed specifically for your property in mind and what your budget is. In Arizona, the easiest landscape to maintain and one that uses the least amount of water is a desert scape. Desert scapes use the natural plants, trees and cactus in the area and grow well with little water and lots of sun. In order to save money, many individuals choose to capitalize on as many of the natural features of the area as possible.

What makes perennials and annuals different?

Perennials are plants that will regenerate themselves. They include trees, bulb plants, roses and other hardy plants that go inactive during the winter months. Most ornamental grasses are considered to be perennials. Annuals must be replanted every year. Annuals are any type of flowers.

What is the best way to decide on the kind of plant to use in desert environments?

The kind of plant you choose will depend on how much you want to water and how much sun your yard receives during the day. Some plants flourush in the shade when others will wilt. Keep in mind how much maintenance you want to have of trimming, mowing, raking up leaves and/or flowers. The amount of maintenance you want or don’t want will help to determine the right plant to use. Planting hardy plants that require little water and maintenance will really help maintain your yard more cost effectively. Many people choose to have rock gardens with very little plants and use cactus more.

At what time is the ideal season for planting?

The ideal planting season depends on what variation of plant you wish to grow. Planting in the fall is ideal for bulb plants so that they have the necessary time to root. Other plants are best suited to planting in the months of the spring. There are some plants will not produce flowers or fruits for at least one or two seasons later so you need to plan for this. Trees will have to work through several years prior to them becoming large enough to give the right amount of shade or to create fruit.

What will be the cost be to have my home landscaped?

Without knowing how large your yard is, what condition the ground is and what type of plants you want to place in your yard it is impossible to estimate how much it will cost. The cost can range from several hundred dollars and can easily go in the range of several thousands of dollars. Tony’s Lawn Care can give you an estimate for the cost after they see your property and discuss what you are looking for.

How do I maintain my lawn?

Watering and fertilizing is absolutely essential in proper lawn maintenance for Arizona. A properly fertilized lawn will actually require less watering.

The first indication that a drought or lack of fertilization condition could be affecting your lawn is a change in the grass color. Grass that is not getting enough moisture and feeding will lose the intense green shades and with a bit more time they will begin to show areas of turning a straw color. Lack of moisture and feeding both show signs of shade color.

Best time of day is to water at sunrise. Watering times vary depending on what type of watering system is in place. Apply a minimum of 1″ of water per week during the months of May thru August. To accomplish this will depend what type of sprinkler heads are used and how much coverage you actually have. Pop-up sprayers will run fewer minutes than rotary sprayers. You also want to accomplish this in the first 4 days of the week. DO NOT WATER DAILY. Depending on the type of sprinkler head you have and the size of the lawn, the slope of the lawn will determine how many minutes to water. If using pop-up sprayers, watering time can range from 2 minutes to 20 minutes. Yards with sloped lawns may need to run multiple start times in the morning for a few minutes each to achieve proper amount of water. Example 4AM & 6AM. Rotary sprinkler heads may need to run from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. If your regular mowing day is Friday, then start watering schedule from Saturday to no later than Tuesday. Leave watering off 3 days prior to mowing. This forces root system to stay far enough below the surface and the lawn will cut nicer when it is dry.

Another aspect of lawn care maintenance is proper fertilization and weed control. Good basic maintenance will go a long way in keeping your lawn healthy, thriving and with few weeds. Spring is the best time to fertilize your lawn as this is when the grass is “waking up” and will need the extra nutrients from the fertilizer to assure healthy growth. The best lawn fertilizers will have a combination of nitrogen, phosphates and potash. A best lawn fertilizing will be represented with the numbers 21-7-14 one-time per month. A properly fertilized lawn will choke out weeds.

Any questions on how to determine the proper watering schedule for your lawn can be achieved by hiring a qualified licensed professional lawn service. They can assess your system and best tell you exactly how often to water your lawn.

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